Exchange trading tools

There are several tips available on XBroker Exchange that could be used by traders to use all the available features offers and to make trading more comfortable and suitable.

The interface of the exchange has quite organized structure and is intuitively understandable so you can familirize with it very quickly.

Here are trading tools that can be found on the main page of the exchange.

  • Chart
    • Chart shows all the information regarding the events occuring on certain market:
      • price changes
      • highs, lows, opening and closing prices for a chosen period
      • different indicators that could be attached to charts
  • Order book
    • Order book reflects the current supply and demand relation and is updated in real time. It shows:
      • bias of market participants
      • current liquidity on the exchange
      • activity on the particular market
      • define the Ask-Bid spread on the instrument
  • Top bar
    • On the top bar there are places several useful tools for trading:
      • instruments:
        • XBroker exchange has 27 instruments available for trading that could be access via the upper tab of the main exchange menu in the drop-down list
      • last price
      • volume
      • bid&ask
  • Trades history
    • On the main page of XBroker Exchange there’s available the trades history on a certain instrument that allows to:
      • monitor the recent direction of market participants
      • see the activity and interest of traders to current asset
  • Trade area